Quite a Story Indeed!

Amazon has reverted back to the retail price on Kindle as of this morning! They were supposed to keep it at $.99 one more day. […]

24 Hours to Launch!

On Friday, October 22nd, my publisher, Koehler Books, will offer a 1-day $.99 sale for my Ebook. You can take advantage of this awesome deal by […]

My Tribute to USO History

From the uso.org and 1940s.org websites describing a storied history of the United Service Organizations or the USO, I wanted to capture the essence of […]

Gordon Lippman’s Combat Actions

Gordon and his light machine gun platoon were dropped off target just like most of those jumping into southern France to launch Operation Dragoon. Attached […]

Wild Bill Boyle

Continuing on with excerpts from The Hotton Report. Sometime after midnight on the 21st of December, the commanding officer and battalion heads of the 517th […]

The Soldier

“No physical courage and no brute instinct can take the place of Divine help which alone can sustain him. However horrible the incidents of war […]