Amazon has reverted back to the retail price on Kindle as of this morning! They were supposed to keep it at $.99 one more day.

Today is the day Koehler Books releases Honor Through Sacrific. You will find it available here on this website.

This will probably be the last time I ask you to go to Amazon to pick up an ebook edition of my book. But it will help me to get some endorsements from you and let us know what you think of the story. Follow the link below.

Moving up to #454 in Korean War History (Books) as recently as yesterday, we’re really excited about the reception we’re receiving on this effort. Thank you one and all!

Finally, on this momentous day to culminate 18 months of research, writing, editing, packaging and production, please read below a quote from my friend Jay Franz, who served with Gordon Lippman in Vietnam, and wrote the Foreword to my story.

“Quite a story, and I’m very glad you’re telling it. Thanks for giving me the chance to read it.”
—Jay Franz, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Ret)

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