Kirkus Review

In one engagement in Korea, he purposely drew the enemy fire in order to save casualties among his men, according to his commendation for a Silver Star.

Feathered Quill Judge’s Review

Editing, spelling, grammar is very clean, nice job.

BookLife Review

Great documentation of military war history.

Readers’ Favorite Review

The memory of Gordon J. Lippman was honored and I liked how the author provided a look at the man behind the uniform as opposed to simply speaking about his valor in combat… This was an educational read and had a lot of thought behind it. Readers with an interest in biographies that touch on history from the last century will enjoy this book.

BookTrib Review

By contextualizing the history of significant world events and putting this man’s place in history in clearer focus, you will … watch him snatch victory from certain defeat in devoted service to the American ideals of truth, freedom and justice.

Books in Review II

Honor through Sacrifice rightfully lauds the life of an exceptional citizen-soldier and simultaneously offers history lessons about American involvement in World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars.

BookTrib Review

He walked in front of his team and rallied them into battle from the front, not the rear. He didn’t ask his men to do anything he wasn’t willing to do himself.


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