Your writing journey doesn’t have to be a solo adventure. Imagine a multi-talented guide by your side, invested in your success from concept to completion. I offer the perfect blend of expertise, encouragement, and actionable guidance to transform your book idea into a polished manuscript.


Get the Support You Need:

  • Writing Coach: I’ll help you develop your story, overcome roadblocks, and refine your voice.
  • Editing Services: I offer comprehensive editing and manuscript reviews to elevate your work.
  • Sounding Board: Brainstorm ideas, get feedback, and gain the confidence to bring your vision to life.

I Am an Award-Winning Author, Here to Guide You:

Learn from the best! Benefit from the experience and insights of a published author who knows the path to success.

Don’t wait! Sign up for a consultation and let’s transform your book dream into reality.


Guide and Support:

Develop your initial ideas, brainstorm plot points, and structure your story.


Overcome Challenges.

Get unstuck on a particular section or character development. I will guide and suggest how to move forward, breaking through  those barriers.


Stay Organized.

I help you create a writing schedule, set realistic goals, and keep you accountable on your writing journey.


Feedback on Improvement


Manuscript Review.

Get feedback on your writing. Identify areas for improvement like plot, character development, pacing and overall clarity.


Genre Expertise.

Specializing in non-fiction, history, biographies, memoirs and short stories offering targeted advice relevant to your chosen field.


Motivate and Ecourage


Accountability Partner.

Writing can be a solitary pursuit, but we will  encourage you to stay motivated during challenging phases.


Confidence Booster.

Guiding you through the process, we give you helpful feedback to build your confidence in your writing abilities.


Publishing Guidance.

Been there. Done that. With multiple books in various stages of publication, I will guide and direct through the process, helping you navigate traditional, hybrid or self-publishing options.