On Friday, October 22nd, my publisher, Koehler Books, will offer a 1-day $.99 sale for my Ebook. You can take advantage of this awesome deal by going to Amazon by following this link. Please return to this same Amazon page and write up a review on my book. This will help gain visibility in the Amazon world for my new book Honor Through Sacrifice.

Have I got another endorsement for you to read? Here’s one from George W. Kohn, Colonel, USAF (Ret), and an award-winning author of Vector to Destiny: Journey of a Vietnam F-4 Fighter Pilot. Colonel Kohn writes about my book that it is “A well-written account of one hero’s participation in three of our nation’s wars. Lofthouse keeps the narrative flowing so that the reader is engaged in each and every battle. The details about battlefield operations are especially noteworthy. The reader will get a clear appreciation for the complexity of military war operations and the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform. Great documentation of military war history.”

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