Veteran’s Breakfast Club Interview

Gordon Lippman legacy lives on. During a recent broadcast of the Veteran’s Breakfast Club, host Todd DePastino begins his interview of Mike Lippman and me […]

Operation Dragoon

In the early morning hours of August 15, the 517th Regimental Combat Team (RCT), with Gordon Lippman as a Platoon Sergeant and Stick Leader, jumped […]

24 Hours to Launch!

On Friday, October 22nd, my publisher, Koehler Books, will offer a 1-day $.99 sale for my Ebook. You can take advantage of this awesome deal┬áby […]


Honor Through Sacrifice is buttoned up, and under review. The first endorsement has come back and it’s exciting! Some of the comments, “an inspiring biography”, […]

Funzafire! USO and Warm Food

The capture of Rome was incredibly important to the Allies. It was hoped that the capture of the Italian capital might draw German troops away […]

Roman Holiday, Visiting the Pope

Later in June, the 517th was taken off the line, getting some much-needed rest and joining the IV Corps reserve. The Mediterranean High Command had […]

First Days in Combat

The invasion of Normandy was getting closer and the Germans, not knowing where the Allies would hit them, knew that an invasion was imminent and […]