Blue Springs Rotary Club

“If you thought Audie Murphy was a highly decorated military hero, then you need to read about Colonel
Gordon Lippman in Honor Through Sacrifice. Robert chronicles the amazing story of Colonel Lippman for his infantry service in three separate
war theaters: WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War. This book should be required reading for today’s military officer corps.”
—CPT Kelly Galvin, award-winning author of PowerPoint Ranger: My Iraq War Logs

Local Author in the News

Many thanks to my friend Stu Butcher for recognizing our efforts in the Chanute Tribune! Follow this link to learn more about Gordon Lippman:

Operation Dragoon

In the early morning hours of August 15, the 517th Regimental Combat Team (RCT), with Gordon Lippman as a Platoon Sergeant and Stick Leader, jumped […]

Sports Connection w/Combat

My friend, David Smale, is publishing the latest YouTube edition of his podcast, Sports Connections with David Smale. I’m thrilled and honored to be interviewed […]

24 Hours to Launch!

On Friday, October 22nd, my publisher, Koehler Books, will offer a 1-day $.99 sale for my Ebook. You can take advantage of this awesome deal by […]

Five Days to Release

“The book: awesome read. Well done. Can close my eyes and see whatis written. A true, factual, and interesting story. Gordon: Many whoknew and served […]