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Reviewed by Nicholus Schroeder for Readers’ Favorite

Honor Through Sacrifice: The Story of One of America’s Greatest Military Leaders is a biography by Robert E. Lofthouse and chronicles the military life of Gordon J. Lippman. He was an American hero that fought in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. He was a humble and caring soldier and later on a commander who still held the same virtues. Lippman gave his heart and soul to the cause and his battalion pushed back the enemy lines during World War II under his leadership, even though they were vastly outnumbered. His entire military career had similar cases of triumph against overwhelming odds. This incredible biography seeks to educate readers about a hero that fought to protect not just his country but the entire world.

Honor Through Sacrifice is a well-written biography about an interesting person. Robert E. Lofthouse consulted many sources to ensure that his book was accurate. Robert’s writing skills were on full display and his retelling of the Second World War was cinematic and vivid. The author conveyed the tragedy of the war with sensitivity, and his descriptions of the encounters between opposing factions were suspenseful and engaging. The memory of Gordon J. Lippman was honored and I liked how the author provided a look at the man behind the uniform as opposed to simply speaking about his valor in combat. Letters and testimonials all gave me a better picture of what a great man Lippman was and the author’s comments were insightful and complemented the reading experience. This was an educational read and had a lot of thought behind it. Readers with an interest in biographies that touch on history from the last century will enjoy this book.

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