Gordon Lippman’s Combat Actions

Gordon and his light machine gun platoon were dropped off target just like most of those jumping into southern France to launch Operation Dragoon. Attached […]

Wild Bill Boyle

Continuing on with excerpts from The Hotton Report. Sometime after midnight on the 21st of December, the commanding officer and battalion heads of the 517th […]

Soy – Hotton Road

The following account was drawn from a book written in 2006 by Robert K. McDonald, called, The Hotton Report. It tells of the importance of […]

Roman Holiday, Visiting the Pope

Later in June, the 517th was taken off the line, getting some much-needed rest and joining the IV Corps reserve. The Mediterranean High Command had […]

Italy, The Crater

I know that I said this article would talk about the unit’s first combat days, a Roman holiday and visit with the Pope, but after […]

Camp Toccoa and a Band of Brothers


Who are a Band of Brothers and what is Camp Toccoa all about? While many groups lay claim to the phrase ‘Band of Brothers’ for […]